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Road to Healthy

Travel with us!

A Healthier Me
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How this community came to be:

astraea36 and innerslytherin both decided around the same time to be healthier. We started looking around LJ for a place we could find encouragement and support along the way, but unfortunately we didn't find anything that quite fit our needs or our goals. Since we also prefer something small and private, with people we know and trust, we decided to create our own corner in the road to a healthier me world.


They're simple, but strongly enforced.

1. Be nice!
2. Be respectful
3. Be honest.
4. Be active in the community.

How it works:
  • Make an introductory post, telling us about your current situation and your goals. Include weight and body fat percentage if you feel comfortable doing so. Feel free to list weight loss or gain, calorie, and/or nutrition goals, as well as any other goals you are trying to meet to be healthier! For instance, innerslytherin definitely needs to be drinking more water and astraea36 needs to be exercising at least 60 minutes every day.

  • Post daily, if possible, listing any of the the following:

    • Calorie intake vs. your daily goal
    • Type of exercise
    • Minutes exercised vs. your daily goal
    • Water intake vs. your daily goal
    • Any progress towards your overall goal

    If you don't want to list these things, or don't think they'll be helpful, you're welcome to post something else--we want this community to be helpful to all of us, and to be something people want to use. We're always open to feedback and new ideas.

  • We'll be doing weekly weigh-ins for those of us who are comfortable posting weight and body fat percentages. For those who are not comfortable posting your weight and body fat percentage, you can still participate in the weigh-in; simply state the amount of weight you have lost/gained in the past week. Remember, honesty is the key to success!

As you can see, this is not simply a weight loss community. This is a community where friends can come together and share their journey towards a healthier you, be it putting weight on, taking it off, shaping and toning your body, or just trying to eat healthier.

We have found this site to be quite useful in helping us track both our nutrition and exercise goals. Check it out, it's free and might be just as useful to you!

As neither astraea36 or innerslytherin are medical professionals or licensed health technicians, "how-tos" will not be a part of this community. Any ideas, links, or suggestions found here are simply methods other members have tried and found to be useful. Nothing posted in this community should be taken as advice.

This community is Friends Only; all entries will be automatically set to be friends-only.